Thursday, June 28, 2007

Teachers, let's get started!

Dear Teachers,
We need a blog page. And here it is. A place where we can vent, scream, suggest, advise, encourage, and be real people. A place where we can share the best lesson plans ever, the best resources, the best authors, the best young adolescents/children's books. A place where first year teachers and experienced teachers can come together as one community and share, share, share! So what do you want to talk aka blog about? I am starting my ninth year of teaching and every year I feel like a first year teacher all over again! I'm overwhelmed and simply can't keep up with all the current changes in education. I currently teach 6th grade language arts in a middle school setting. I have taught every grade from 6th grade to 12th grade with the exception of 9th grade --no thank you!! ha! I have even taught one year in a preschool--had a lot of laughs there. I am an English teacher and mostly focus on writing--don't even get me started unless you really want to hear about it. At the current moment I don't have the energy to express myself on that matter. Maybe, another blog.
I hope you read this and take off with commenting and sharing what ever you've got!
Your fellow online colleague,